Travel Tips – The Importance Of Travelling With Your Children And The Best Way To Do It

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Travel Tips – The Importance Of Travelling With Your Children And The Best Way To Do It

Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia are increasingly great destinations for family holidays. There is plenty for all ages and tastes: colorful markets, cyclo rides, art classes, wildlife camps, stunning beaches and lots of adventure sports to enjoy. Meaningful learning experiences can make family travel so much more than just a vacation.

1. Any money, miles, or time spent on family is not a waste

Some may say that there is no use of taking a 4 or 5 year old kid to travel with you and it’s a waste of money. They will soon forget all the experience during the trip. This is not always true. After spending years organizing many trips for family, having chances to speak and listen the experience from our customers, we understand the importance of how travel changes the kid’s mind from the insiders.
We are now often too busy with the daily things. We aren’t even all in the same space for much of the day despite the fact that we are living under one roof. It is due to work and school stuff. When we travel, we have time to experience new things together, we eat new dishes together, and we figure out everything as a team. It’s not always sunshine and roses when you travel with kids but it promises to have a very enjoyable and memorable experience as a family.


2. Travel changes the way a child looking at the world and instills the adventurous spirit the parents have in their children

Taking kidsto travel together makes them see the world from a different perspective. They are not scared to travel and they don’t have any limitations in that sense, whereas for a lot of kids, travel is a foreign idea to them. The more types of places and people they see, the more they respect differences in geography, language, culture or skin color rather than fear or resent them. These are things school cannot teach them.
By walking through the streets of places far away, the children will learn how small the world really is. And because kids tend to love the Internet more than nature, travel is a good chance to get them disconnect and communicate with the world outside. Even they may be so young to embrace the culture of the destinations they travel to but having traveled, kids don’t see the world as a foreign place. Each country is somewhere they can surely go if they really want to.

3. An effective way to teach your children to learn new things

We once saw a Vietnamese kid teaching foreign kids to make some dishes and play a Vietnamese traditional game. They did not speak the same languages but still found ways to communicate. Everything went smoothly and ended up the foreign kid could even speak some simple Vietnamese words.
That is fun for the kids to have such experience, and fun for the parents to watch too. It is promised that years later, the kids are still talking about how much fun it was to play with the local kids. Some kids even want to learn new languages after the trip since they know learning a language means they can communicate with other people who speak a different language than theirs and it is priceless lesson and inspiration, isn’t it?

4. Vietnam – as author of “On the Road…with Kids” suggests, is a great destination for family travel

Australian writer John Aherns suggests that Vietnam is a great country for family.
“There’s so much to do, with nice hotels and lovely restaurants. On that trip, the kids were twelve and fourteen, so they loved going to a Vietnamese cooking school, and they thought catching an overnight train into the mountains of northern Vietnam was exciting. We also did three nights in Halong Bay. It’s a destination where you can do things as a whole family.”

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