4 Best Beaches In South East Asia

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January 19, 2017
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January 20, 2017

4 Best Beaches In South East Asia

Beautiful beach at tropical coast of Vietnam - Ninh van bay - close to Nha Trang

1. Phu Quoc Beach, Vietnam

This inspoilt island of Phu Quoc is a paradise you may never want to leave. Whether you are on your vacation, honeymoon, summer break or even adventure, Phu Quoc Island offers a good selection which can satisfy all your needs. White sands, calm seas, warm waters, lush forests and a wide range of beach activities can be found in this beautiful island.
Truong Beach – Long Beach
Most hotels and resorts are located along Long Beach – a 5 miles long, heading south from Duong Dong Town. However, you will also find here some parts which are totally deserted and remained unspoilt.


1.1. Sao Beach

This is considered to be the most beautiful beach in the island. From the central of the town, it is a little bit tricky to get here because it is totally isolated. The beach is crystal clear that you can even see the school of fishing swimming under your feet.




2. Koh Rong, Cambodia

Koh Rong has been listed as one of the most favourable beach in South East Asia according to the beach lovers. What makes this island become so famous recently? Covering an area of 78 sqkm and 43 km of beaches, coming here you will have a really relaxing time, no road no trafic, there are only endless beaches with white sands, fishes, colorful ranges of coral, warm waters and a real jungle. Wake up in the morning, the atmosphere makes you feel like you are living in a totally different world. Song Saa Resort – the most luxurious accommodation of Cambodia is also located here. And what else can you do besides spending some lazy days enjoying and relaxing? You can do trekking, diving, and snorkelling to discover deeper the beauty of this island.



3. Hoi An Beach, Vietnam

The beach in Hoi An is just stunning. You can find here beautiful sandy beaches lie alongside a sparkling but gentle sea. Hoi An itself is not only famous for the ancient streets, the old temples, and the delightful atmostphere but also the perfect beaches located around. Some beaches have been revealed recently, some are not going to stay secret forever, but while some still relatively are, An Bang Beach in Hoi An is one of the most perfect places to lay out your hat.


4. Ngapali Beach, Myanmar

Ngapali has become the prime choice for beach lovers. Everything you have ever dreamed of is here: quiet paradise, white sand, tranquil surroundings, warm beach, and the diversity of marine life, all of these won’t disappoint any visitors. The beach with palm trees is an ideal place for relaxing and going swimming occasionally. The beach looks west, meaning that there will be not so much of sun in the morning but a beautiful sunset in the evening. Don’t miss your time visiting a fishing village which gives you special time to interact with the locals.

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