Best food experiences to try in Myanmar

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Best food experiences to try in Myanmar

Burmese cuisine has rich, savory favors with a repertoire of ingredients. You might have heard of tea salad and Shan noodles. However when you arrive in Myanmar and take a walk around, you realize there are several other options as well. And the cuisine is far more varied than the set of standard dishes you find in restaurants. In this article, we are going to introduce to you the food experiences as well as the dishes that we love.

1. Yangon – High tea at The Strand Yangon and the iconic tea salad

The Strand is definitely a piece of history and travellers will taste luxury mixed with a touch of the colonial past. At The Strand, you can choose between a classic British high tea or a special Myanmar high tea…or both. The Burmese set is served in gorgeous lacquerware stacked boxes. A selection of Darjeeling, Earl Grey, English breakfast, Jasmine, Myanmar green or Shan state teas can be served together with the set. The high tea runs from 3pm to 6pm.

Be careful! The dessert is extremely…good.

You can easily find tea salad when you enjoy your breakfast at the hotel. However, we strongly recommend you try it at a local food stall as it is more authentic and some taste even better than expected.


2. Mandalay – Teashop and rice noodles

Image: Peter Stuckings/Getty Images

If you are after an experience for the senses and prefer your trip to taste as good as it looks then follow us to discover Mandalay’s distinctive cuisine and traditional teashops. Explore the last royal capital of the Burmese Kingdom and its intriguing cuisines such as Shan noodles and Mandalay salad. Sip sweet, milky tea in local haunts and nibble mont pyar thalet, a crispy rice-flour pancake.

The taste of foods in Mandalay is strong yet flavorful and they are served as small dishes on a big plate. My favorite here is rice noodles plus a bowl of ribs soup. You should add a bit of lime juice and some mustard leaf to enjoy the dish like a local and it does make it more tasty.


3. Breakfast at Inle Princess Resort

If we have introduced you to high tea experience and several street food recommendations, now it’s a suggestion for a breakfast experience when you are in Inle Lake. Inle Lake is famous for Shan cuisine. The special thing about Inle Princess Resort is that it has its own garden so the food are fresh. Their homemade yogurt is super! If you are planning to stay there, it would be convenient for trying different types of food here. Unlike other 5-star resorts where the chef usually adjusts the flavor to fit travelers’ taste, Inle Princess keeps it as much authentic as possible. However, just tell them your food preferences and they can accommodate properly.

P/s: the stir fried Veggie is my favorite and and if I need a reason for another stay at Inle Princess Resort, it would be the food.

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