Family Travel – Tips For Travelling With Your Kids

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January 20, 2017
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Family Travel – Tips For Travelling With Your Kids

1. Look perfect flight 

What makes a perfect flight travelling with your kids? There are many things to concern, but you should always keep in mind booking a flight that is:

  • Not too long: a perfect flight will not extend over 6 hours, a 4 -5 hours flight is enough for a meal, a movie and a little of excitement for new destinations.
  • Appropriate departure time: children will never like getting so early or worse is to leave in the middle of the night. Afternoon flights are perfect, you will have sometime to have lunch at the aiport, then take a short break before the flight. Even sometimes you think booking a flight which is a little bit late in the morining such as 9 A.M is better, think again. For international flights you usually have to arrive at least 2 hours in advance, and should also take into consideration of 1 hour drive to the airport and end up waking up at around 5 A.M. And as mentioned, no kids will ever feel excited getting up that early.
  • Appropriate arrival time: kid can easily get some jet lag, therefore, arrival just before bedtime is an option to think of. Getting out of the plane, the first thing that can make you feel good is throwing your body to the bed and of course kids love it too, they can’t wait to clim into bed.

2. Book ahead all the services

Traveling to another country requires a good preparation for all the services, especially accommodations. Whether you are staying in a dorm or a hotel, make sure all the services are well confirmed and ready to be used when you arrive. Imagine how your kids will feel hitting the road with a tired, hungry toddlers melting down in the backseat.


3. Get a child locator

No matter how much you care for your children, things go wrong sometimes especially when you are travelling to crowded places such as airports, train stations, amusement parks or attractions. Equiped the child with a small located and you keep the transmitter. You they get lost, set off the alarm and follow the sound to find them.

4. Check passports regularly

Keep in mind that the passports for your kids only last 5 years. Therefore, check their passport one month before your trip just to make sure you have enough time to renew them if they are expired.

5. Be aware of the climate at the destinations

To make your trip more enjoyable and happier, check the climate of your destination carefully and pack appropriate clothes for the whole family. Kids will surely be merrier with the right “gear” in a new environment.

6. Travel journal, why not?

There is a reputation that you should never take your kids to many places if they are under ten since they will forget almost everything when they grow up. This is not always true, why not encourage them to write or simply draw things during their trips and this will really work when you give back these “art works” to them years later.

7. Don’t let your children pack their bags.

Children are “greedy” sometimes, they want to pack almost everything from toys to sweet and it ends up a “super-heavy” bag. You can let them do everything they want but make sure you check again before departure.

8.Buy them a camera

Kids love “being busy” and have huge imagination. Give them a camera and encourage them to observe their surroundings and focus on what interest them is the best way to teach kids and you will be surprised at the outcomes.

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