Saffron Travel’s Recommended Beaches In Vietnam, Cambodia, and Myanmar

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February 19, 2017
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Saffron Travel’s Recommended Beaches In Vietnam, Cambodia, and Myanmar

1. Cambodian Coast – Sihanoulkville The Angkor

Temples are the main reason visitors come to Cambodia, however there’s more to discover here, particularly for beach lovers. Cambodia is home to some of South East Asia’s most stunning islands and the country’s most luxurious resort – Song Saa Private Island Resort. Six Senses also announced the opening of its first property in the country – the Six Senses Krabey Island with 40 magnificent pool villas and Cambodian-inspired spa treatments. The resort is located off the southern tip of Cambodia and it’s expected most guests will fly into Sihanoulkville airport especially via Ho Chi Minh City.

Koh Rong – Cambodia’s most beautiful island beach is a perfect, exclusive destination for newlyweds looking to make some pretty spectacular memories.

Covering an area of 78 sqkm with 43 km of beach, couples coming here will enjoy white sand, lovely schools of fish, colourful coral, luxuriant warm waters and a real jungle. Wake up in the morning and the atmosphere makes you feel like you are living in a totally different world.

Sailing, snorkelling, hiking, kite surfing, wind surfing, yoga and many more activities on this beautiful island are available to you.

Honeymooners and beach lovers are advised to spend at least 4 days at this secluded, heavenly island and celebrate in style.


2. Ninh Van Bay – A Hideaway Retreat

Ninh Van Bay is located in Khanh Hoa Province and the only way to access this beautiful bay is by boat, instantly giving you that ‘hideaway’ feeling. The sense of solitude extends further as you explore your surroundings; soaring mountains, dramatic rock formations, pristine beaches and gorgeous coastline are yours to enjoy.

With its quiet, natural surroundings and white sandy beach, Ninh Van Bay is an ideal place for wellness activities such as detox treatments, yoga and tai-chi to refresh and re-energise you at a deeper level. Travelers are advised to spend at least 1 week in Ninh Van Bay to get the most out of this idyllic spot.



3. Phu Quoc Beach – A Paradise For Families And Kids

Phu Quoc is the largest island in Vietnam. The range of activities on offer has made it a famous beach destination for family vacations. Any time of the year, you will find plenty to do beyond just chilling by the surf.

What fascinates younger kids sometimes bores elder siblings and vice versa, but Phu Quoc can cater for all ages. Besides the soothing, warm waters and gently sloping sandy beaches, the more active amongst you can go on private snorkelling trips, sea canoing, scuba diving courses, bird watching, hiking, jungle trekking, and squid fishing. This island is one that you and your family will really enjoy exploring. Travellers are advised to spend at least 3-4 days. Contact Saffron Travel for great deals at the best resorts at


4. Burma Banks – The Best Dive Site In Myanmar

For adventurers, especially divers, Burma Banks should be on your list. The site is located 125km west of Kawthaung, outside of the Mergui Archipelago. It’s been voted the best dive area in Myanmar with good reason – it includes enormous flat topped sea mounts, rising to within 15 metres of the Andaman Sea surface.

Travelers are advised to go for diving trips between October and May – the only period when the seas are calm, the skies are clear and even the most remote dive sites are accessible.

5. Myeik Island, Explore The Untouched Island In South Myanmar

This island is a part of Mergui’s 800 uninhabited islands and the only way to reach it is by boat or yacht.

The island is made of thick green jungle, with strips of long golden beaches along the shores. There are no roads to these beaches, no resorts, sun loungers or umbrellas, no man-made structures of any kind, just nature.

Spend a week here sailing around the islands, exploring empty beaches, diving off your yacht, swimming and snorkelling. The only traffic you will encounter is the odd local squid fishing boat and the local Moken families who travel around in convoys of small wooden boats and greet you with smiles reflecting the spectacular rising and setting of the sun.


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