Vietnamese style coffee

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May 25, 2020
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Vietnamese style coffee

Vietnamese style coffee

Vietnamese style coffee

Before getting into the various styles of coffee in Vietnam, there is something that is worth mentioning first. It is the Vietnamese style filter which is the most used tool to make Vietnamese favorite beverage: coffee. Here are several ways to enjoy coffee in Vietnam. 

 Coffee filter

Coffee filter

Cup filter coffee

Making coffee in the Vietnamese style filter takes time. Once done, you can enjoy the coffee right away or you can mix in some condensed milk. Because of the hot weather in Vietnam, people love to add ice to drinks to keep it cold and refreshing. And the most popular drink is Ca phe sua da (coffee with condensed milk and ice). 

Ca Phe Sua Da - ranggiacongcaphe

Ca Phe Sua Da – ranggiacongcaphe

Egg coffee

Another way to enjoy Vietnamese coffee is drinking egg coffee, which includes a creamy, rich mix of egg yolk on top and strong coffee made from a cup filter or extracted from an espresso machine at the bottom of the cup. This is a great combination as it gives the drink a good texture and a great taste. The sweetness in the creamy mix will balance out the distinctive bitter taste of the Robusta bean. 

Egg Coffee - Internet

Egg Coffee – Internet

Coconut coffee

This special drink was made famous by the Coffeeshop called Cộng. It is a smoothie made with fresh coconut meat and coconut water with some added freshly made coffee and ice. You can use an espresso machine or the cup filter (as always) to make the coffee. This cold drink is rich and refreshing, which is perfect to enjoy when you are in Vietnam because the temperature is quite humid year-round, especially in the south. 

These are some of the most popular drinks in Vietnam that coffee lovers can enjoy. Coffee drinking here is a culture itself. People enjoy it slowly while talking or sharing stories with their friends or colleagues. 

Coconut Coffee - Internet

Coconut Coffee – Internet

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