Wi-Fi & Phone Service in Vietnam

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Wi-Fi & Phone Service in Vietnam

It’s easy to access to the Wi-Fi service in Vietnam. In most of the airports, especially the ones in big cities such as Hanoi, Danang, Saigon, travelers can use Wi-Fi unlimitedly. Sim Cards are cheap as well and they are available at the airports and mobile shops. If you are traveling with Saffron Travel, simply let us know your phone model and we will register a sim card in advance so that you get everything ready upon arrival. The other ways is to buy roaming data or rent a Portable Wi-Fi.

1. Wi-Fi in Vietnam

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  • Where can travelers access to complimentary Wi-Fi?
  • Hotels: Wi-Fi is available without charge at almost every hotel in Vietnam
  • Restaurants, Bars and Coffee shops: Except for street side food stalls, travelers can access to Wi-Fi at most of the restaurants ranging from mid-range to fine dining.
  • Public areas: Wi-Fi is available in some of the malls or supermarkets, it however is not stable.
  • Airports

2. Internet Data and Sim Cards services in Vietnam

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International phone code of Vietnam – +84. Mobifone, Viettel are the two most popular mobile networks in Vietnam. They work well in almost every province of Vietnam, including the mountainous area. An average price for a sim card is between 3 dollars to 7 dollars. To control your Internet data, you can install their apps: MobiNEXT, or My Viettel. To recharge the balance, usually you will need to buy scratch cards or install your visa card into to app to pay directly.
With these networks, travelers can also make international phone calls. The fee is quite expensive so we advise you register for the Internet data and use communication apps such as Viber, WhatsApp, Facebook, or Telegram to make a phone calls.
The cost of phone calls and SMS is almost equal .
To recharge your balance

+ For scratch cards:
In order to recharge the balance, cratch the protection, and input *100* (your code)#. For example, if the code is “123456” – input *100*123456”#. You should receive SMS informing you about transferring money to your account.

+ Via Visa / Master Cards
You should follow the instructions on the apps to install your payment methods.

To check your balance
If the package of services was connected, you can check the rest of megabytes for 3G / 4G with the help of the command *102#, then “Call”
3G / 4G services

3G / 4G services

Mobile NetworkData IncludedPrice

(Please note the price might be varied a bit at the time you register)

How To Register

(Usually via SMS to the Operator)

Mobifone600Mb70,000VND – around 3USDSend “DK MIU” to 999
Mobifone1.5Gb120,000VND – around 5USDSend “DK M120” to 999
Mobifone3.0Gb200,000VND – around 9USDSend “DK BMIU” to 999
Viettel600Mb70,000VND – around 3USDSend “MiMax” to 191
Viettel1.5Gb120,000VND – around 5USDSend “DMax” to 191
Viettel3.0Gb200,000VND – around 9USDSend “DMax200” to 191

3. Useful Phrases to buy a Sim Card in Vietnam

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  • I want to buy a 3G / 4G Mobifone / Viettel Sim Card – Tôi muốn mua một sim card 3G / 4g Mobifone / Viettel.
  • I want to register for the Internet data, can you help? – Tôi muốn kích hoạt 3G / 4G. Bạn có thể giúp tôi không?

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